Should ‘Oplosan’ Dance be Changed or Even be Eliminated?

Title: Should ‘Oplosan’ Dance be Changed or Even be Eliminated?
Type text: Discussion
Indonesian music may be shocked by the various kind of dancing names. After Cesar dance, there is now Oplosan dance which may replace dancing ala Cesar . The dancing is popularized by Soimah as a singer through on Trans TV show titled ‘Show Imah’. Oplosan which name is taken from the dangdut song titled ‘Oplosan’ is easy to remember.
The song itself tells about the dangers of alcohol which has been mixed with other dangerous elements, the dangdut song uses the Java language. Actually the song has been popular for a long time, especially in the area of East Java which is called ‘dangdut koplo’. In the Show Imah , this song is getting popular with the unique dancing. But, this dance shows sensual and seductive because the singer turn to the side and lean over backward . Then, they sway their hips and move up then down continuously. It is very interesting to do together.
Not long after the booming of it, Oplosan dance now is getting criticism from religious organizations, the FPI. FPI side considered that the dance is called Oplosan dance because it shows erotic movements . FPI considered that it is inappropriate to be liked. After getting criticism like that, Soimah as the creator of the dance doesn’t want to have bigger problem. She changes the oplosan dance to be more polite.
Argument for:

Beside FPI, there are also many institutions such as DPR Commission I, KPAI, until the child observer, kak Seto, who claim that the Oplosan dance does not educate. Swaying hips up and down is considered an element of sex, and will damage the morale of the nation. In addition to individuals, there are institutions like KPAI and FPI who disagree with the dancing.
The dance shows sensual and also can disturb children’s time to study. Moreover, it is not only a few children who begin to imitate the Oplosan dance. An event should also consider to display native culture in their own country. If the event shows sensual and sexy dance, it would be nice if it is not showed at the children.
Argument against:
However, there are also strong arguments against this point of view. Taking the positive, that the Oplosan dance is presented in television station to decrease point of bored for people when they watch the show for 1 hour in a row. There are also many people who do not agree if the Oplosan dance be changed or even be eliminated. They ask, why the Oplosan dance must be changed? Is there anyone protest with the dance which has been famous before? The dance makes kids are so addicted at mimicking the movements. As we know, the dance that is made not only because of habit or just appear suddenly but there is someone as the conceptor, and the point is it can be favored by the audience and easy to be followed.
People have already liked the previous motion, and when it is replaced they will feel a little disappointed. Because they consider that the new dance is not interesting and less attractive. And they do not worry while their children imitate it, because the dance is quite easy, simple, and they think that the dance does not contain porn elements.
Actually, from the lyrics, the Oplosan song contains a good moral message. It contains an invitation to leave the liquor drunk.
On balance, it depends on how we view and judge a show on television, we have to sort out which one of the show that is appropriate or inappropriate to be watched. To overcome the problem, it has been decided that Oplosan dance will not be eliminated, but there is little change in movement which is transformed into hoeing movement and respect on the reff part of the song. Soimah request to all people who watch Oplosan dance to stay positive thinking. Anyway, “If we want to dance (or do something else), our minds must be clean, our brains must be clean. When our brains are dirty, so is our dance.”

“If we want to dance (or do something else), our minds must be clean, our brains must be clean. When our brains are dirty, so is our dance.”
By: Maulidiya Nur Jannah
XII IPA 4 / 19 2013-2014


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